SPD4459 . Internet Marketing and Public Relations . Sham Shui Po . FVenture . Food and Beverage . S

SPD4459 . Internet Marketing and Public Relations . Sham Shui Po . FVenture . Food and Beverage . S
SPD4459 . Internet Marketing and Public Relations . 2014 . Sham Shui Po . FVenture . Food and Beverage . SPD4459 Students' Project .


SPD4459 [Southeast Asia 東南亞] 金杯泰國菜館

The decoration there are simple and crude. If nobody recommend us to go there, we may not come. Although it is very small that only 4 tables are available, it is surprised that many types of food are available! They are value for money!! The most important thing is that the taste is really local. We are sure that "RECLUSIVE DELICACIES" can be used to describe it. No matter how spicy you can bear, it is sure that you can find the food that you love here.
金杯泰既裝修好簡陋,如果唔係有人介紹,路過真係未必會入黎。雖然入到黎發現只得4 張枱,而且仲好迫添... 不過食落就會發現有好多又抵食又多款選擇!最重要係真係好地道,絕對可以用「隱世美食」黎形容!無論你鍾唔鍾意食辣,都可以搵到你喜歡既菜餚!
Fried rice with mango and crab SPD4459
At first, we are quite doubt about how mango and crab can be matched with fried rice. It is amazing that they are perfectly matched. Slightly sour and refreshing taste make it very appetizing. As we know, a well-known Thai restaurant Mini XXXXkok offers this fried rice too. However, it is obvious that the rice here is richer and tastier than that one. Actually, There are so many types of food here, we are sure that we must come here again and try more types of food in the menu!  SPD4459
芒果蟹肉炒飯 SPD4459

Fried mixed vegetable with shrimp paste SPD4459
Two ingredients are very match. We are not sure if we can use "鍋氣" in chinese to describe it. Real tasty. We can smell its taste before putting on the table. Additionally, its shrimp paste is different from the one which can be bought in other places. We are not sure if it is home-made by themselves or Thaishrimp paste, but it is worthy to try!  SPD4459
蝦醬炒雜菜 SPD4459
蝦醬同雜菜好夾。我地唔太清楚係咪應該用「鍋氣」黎形容,不過真係好惹味!未擺落枱就已經聞到佢既蝦醬味。而且佢既蝦醬唔似係平時係大澳或者出面買到既蝦醬;雖然我地唔知道會唔會係自定製或者泰國蝦醬,不過真係好值得一試!  SPD4459

Thai carbonado  SPD4459
We saw that attractive fish once we arrived. Here is the conversation while eating...
Captain America (Titus): I have never tried fish smooth like this since I born!
Iron Man (Yedda): You are too exaggerating. However, it is true that I ordered fish every time I came!
Hulk (Gee): It is really smooth! I cannot stop eating even I did not like fish. Your recommendation is brilliant!
To conclude, nothing is needed to be elaborated. This is a MUST-TRY item!
燒魚  SPD4459
美國隊長 (Titus):我咁大個仔,未食過咁滑既魚架!
鐵甲奇俠 (Yedda):有冇咁誇張?不過我次次黎都一定會哎燒魚!
變形俠醫 (Gee):真係好嫩滑!我唔鍾意食魚都不停食,果然冇介紹錯!

Additional Screening:
3 Photos while eating, haha
P.S. Real faces of FVenture! SPD4459

進食圖3 張, 哈哈
利申 FVenture 真面目

SPD4459 FVenture
SPD4459 FVenture

SPD4459 FVenture


Address: CB1, G/F, Smiling Sham Shui Po Plaza, 162-188 Un Chau Street, Cheung Sha Wan 
Opening Hour: Mon - Sun 12:00 - 01:00

From Sham Shui Po MTR station Exit D1 to there is around 10 minutes by walking. Here is the map.

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